Main features

Make it easy and quickly to create a complete online booking system with a set of basic features which are all free

Room type and rooms

Create unlimited rooms and categorized them into different room types with options for detail customization of each type.

Multi locations

You own a hotel chain? No worry! Awebooking will connect them all with just few easy steps to add multi locations.

Extra services

Add unlimited extra service packages for rooms with detail price and information


Create unlimited amenities for your hotel, which can be charged or not, and then you can assign them to different room types quickly and easily

Pricing management

Vary price of room-type from day to day or even the whole week, month or entire season. All can managed via a seamless calendar view

Room availablity management

Easily manage room-types or even every single room's status with the built-in calendar for a better visual

Multiple rooms booking

To save time and effort, customers can book more than one room, even rooms of different room-types, per session

By request booking

Powerful built-in booking system for adding and managing rooms as well as bookings in a professional way

Check available widget

Awebooking is widget ready so you can easily add the booking form to site sidebar.

Email notification

Once rooms are booked, reservation email with specific booking actions will be automatically sent to both customers and admin


Easily add booking form into your post and page with the available check-availability-form shotcode and you are ready to receive new bookings

Multilingual Ready

No more language barrier because Awebooking is compatible with the two most famous translation plugins - WPML and Polylang. Now, you can translate your site in any language you prefer

Fit with your theme

Awebooking is developed based on theme's style, so you will not have to worry about how it looks. All the booking system will perfectly match your theme design

Developer friendly

Being built with developers in mind, Awebooking is fully customizable. Developers can thoroughly investigate to extend or create their own custom functionality for their own themes

and more

Coding everyday to develop more new awesome elements to the growing list of Awebooking feature. Don't miss out.

Premium addons

Need more advanced functionalities? Check out the premium list that rival the most sophisticated and powerful booking features, which really satisfies!

Awebooking Rules

Custom status for room available result, set flexible pricing with advanced conditions.

Awebooking Extra

Show off Room Available Calendar, detail Price Breakdown, plus Room Image Slideshow - all additional awesomeness is included in just one

Booking form builder

Build and add your own custom fields in the booking check-out form to collect any information you need for each reservation

Online payment

Awebooking allows you to enable payments online via PayPal with guest checkout.

Simple reservation

Customers just simply send contact and booking request email to admin to get support without any hassle of multiple booking steps

Woocommerce Integration

Seamlessly connects with Woocommerce to benefit from all variety of Woocommerce extensions and payment gateways

Awebooking will give you power to build up your online hotel booking system at speed and at ease. Get it now cause you're almost to the success!

Live demo

Check out our demos with all amazing features that you need. You just know it the moment you see it

Demo 1

  • Free AweBooking

Demo 2

  • Rules: Discount 30% if stay more than 3 days
  • Online payment
  • iCalendar
  • Extra
  • User profile
  • Form builder
  • Free AweBooking

Demo 3

  • Extra
  • Free AweBooking
  • WooCommerce checkout

Demo 4

  • Simple reservation
  • Free AweBooking