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Thu, 11/09/2017 - 03:09
Regarding Checkout form design in Woocom


In checkout form with woocom.. Design should be

Half part with Woocom form and remaining half with cart data.


Try to add this in carch and just go to checkout. Its just changinf some Div which curremnty shown as 12 and meke them to 6. If yu can tell me where is the checkout code located, i can also do it from my end. We can hide woocom checkout summary.

Also one more observation- Why remove from cart is not available? I think it should be there.

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Thu, 11/09/2017 - 21:47

Hi there,

Thank you for your concern and suggestion. I am not sure if I understand your idea. 

However, now we use shortcode Awebooking cart. You can drop this shortcode to your Booking Information page and there is also a Remove option. You can check our demo of Hillter (book more than one room)

Image title

Check out:

Image title

(Customize code may cause error and we will not support if you modify code by yourself)


Fri, 11/10/2017 - 02:40


Cart functionality works for me to remove item.

Check out design which in above image is looking fine as booking form is desiged by AWE booking plugin. 

But i am using checkout with woocom. If you check my site there are 4 sections

1. Booking/Order information by AWE

2. Booking Form by Woocom

3. Booking/Order informaion by Woocom

4. Payment mode

So i am suggestion design like

1. Booking information by AWE(50%).             2. Booking Form by Woocom. (50%).  

4. Payment mode (100%)

(Here Hide point 3. we dont need duplicate information)

Also on package detail page .. Why it is not taking default location and show availability directly? It shows all available package page again and then book now.. It should show result of that perticular package not all.

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