Chulan - Personal Portfolio & Resume Wordpress Theme

Thank you very much for purchasing our theme. This document will guide you through the setup process of this theme. If you have questions about our theme that isn't covered in this documentation, please post your question here.

Download package contents


Once you have downloaded and unzipped the chulan package you will be faced with a list of files and folders. An explanation of these is as follows. Any item not mentioned here should be ignored for the moment. This is a zip archive of the theme.
Documentation This is the help documentation. To view simply open index.html found inside this folder
Child theme This folder included quickstart for child theme

Installing Theme


Once you have downloaded the Chulan package from, there are 2 ways of installing this theme. These are as follows:

Method 1

  1. Unzip the download package using Winzip or equivalent.
  2. You will see another zip archive file inside called, unzip this file also using Winzip or equivalent software and using an FTP client (eg. Filezilla), upload its contents to your WordPress installation. You will need to place the folder into the following location: wp-content/themes
  3. Now inside your WordPress admin area, go to Appearance > Themes and there you will see the Chulan Theme.
  4. Click Activate to activate the theme. If you do not see the theme in this screen, you have done something incorrectly. Review the last few steps again.

Method 2

  1. Unzip the chulan download package. Once unzipped you will see a zip file named, this is a compressed version of the theme.
  2. Now inside your WordPresss admin area, go to Appearance > Themes > Add new > Upload theme
  3. Click browse and locate this file and upload it
  4. Now you will see the chulan theme in the Themes page.
  5. Click Activate to activate the theme. If you do not see the theme in this screen, you have done something incorrectly. Review the last few steps again.

After install theme, you will need to install some plugins, just click Begin installing plugins and active it.

Installation Video

Here is a link to an video showing the installation of the theme and the importing of demo content:

Theme installation errors


Do not upload the Themeforest download package directly to your WordPresss site, because this will lead to errors. Make sure to Unzip this package and inside you will find the theme zip archive: This is what you will need to upload to your WordPresss installation

Theme update


You don't need to go to the Themeforest website to donwload newest version theme. We offer easiest way to update theme base on Usename or API Key and you just need to choose update from Themeforest or Awethemes Server

How to get your API Key from Envato/Themeforest

  1. Go to your account and select Settings
  2. Select Tab API Key
  3. Generate any API Key
  4. Copy Key

Insert Your API Key: Theme Settings > Update

Username: Fill in Username that you use to purchase on the Envato/Themeforest

API Key: Fill in your API Key that has been produced by Envato/Themeforest.

Just wait a tick, progress update will complete. Take a look at the following screenshot:

Theme Setup


Before you start using the chulan Theme, a few setup steps are required. This section will walk you through these steps.

  1. Recommended Plugins
  2. Importing Demo Content

Recommended Plugins


For the best display of the theme, you also need to install two other plugins:

Importing Demo Content


Some buyers like to install their theme and have it look exactly like the preview site. If this is something you would like to do, then follow the steps in this section. This step is optional so feel free to skip it. The subsequent sections will provide all the instructions you need to insert your own content manually.

The dummy content inserted in this step will not contain the beautiful images seen in the demo. These images cannot be included because they are commercial images, which we have purchased for theme demonstration only and we do not have a redistribution license for these assets.

  1. Install and activate the chulan theme. (See section above)
  2. Go to the Chulan Theme > Import Demo Data
  3. Click the large orange Import Demo Data button once only.
  4. The theme will now import our demo content into you site. You might need to wait a few minutes.
  5. This importer will basically import posts, pages, comments, custom fields, categories, tags, sidebars, widgets, menus and all configuration from our preview content export file.

Creating Menu


Chulan theme contains only one menu location - Main Menu. In this section we will outline the steps involved in creating the menu for this theme.

  1. Go to Appearance > Menus in the main admin menu.
  2. At first you will probably need to add a menu, give it a name & click Create Menu. The new menu will appear in a tab in this location. Click on this tab to begin adding menu items.
  3. Use the dialog boxes on the left hand side of the page to add items to your menu.
  4. Select the master page you created as well as all of the sub sections or child pages and click "Add to Menu".
  5. Now you can drag the newly inserted menu item to their correct sequence and rename their titles if required. Choose Theme locations - Main menu in Menu Settings and eding up by clicking on Save Menu button at the bottom

Add content

How to create new Post?


From the POST menu in the left-hand side of the Wordpress Dashboard, you select Post > Add New

  1. Enter your post title in the upper field
  2. Enter your post body content in the main post editing box below
  3. After that, In the Layout Setting box, you can choose 1 out of 3 Layout Templates listed below and then custom style / script as well if you want
  4. There are 7 available formats in Format pane for you to choose: Standard, Gallery, Audio, Link, Video, Image and Quote
  5. To add Post's category by clicking Add New Category
  6. Add Post's tags
  7. In the Add Media Box, you can upload images, video, audio, link and quote
  8. Clicking Add Video button to add video into an article, you need to get the video's link from your browser.
  9. When you are ready, click Publish button

How to create new page?


In the Dashboard Sidebar, select Pages > Add New

Add the page's name, select layout setting and then choose the template for each page. You can create so many pages as you want.

For example: Creating Blog page

Create About section


From the left-hand side of the Dashboard, select the Team Member > Add New and you can start to follow steps in below screenshot to creat new About Section.

  • Step 1: Your Name
  • Step 2: Upload your photo from media library or your computer
  • Step 3: Your career and position
  • Step 4: Introduce something about yourself

Create Resume section


Continue still in the Team Member > Add new, below About section is Resume section .It is just like your timeline where you can share your study, your work or add some important events or achievement

  • Step 1: A period of time
  • Step 2: Your Job
  • Step 3: Name of school or company
  • Step 4: Working position.
  • Step 5: A small description about your work
  • Step 6: Upload file your CV from computer

Create FunFact section


Continue still in the Team Member > Add new, below Resume section is FunFacts section Here you can show off some funfact numbers about your products, your company or whatever you like

  • Step 1: Amount of funfact
  • Step 2: Funcfact's name

Create Skills section


Continue still in the Team Member > Add new, below FunFacts section is Skills section. You can show off your skills, your knowledge

  • Step 1: The range slider to custom your skills percent
  • Step 2: Skill's Name
  • Step 3: Skill's description

Create Service section


From the left-hand side of the Dashboard, select Service > Add New and start implementing steps below

  • Step 1: Enter of service's name.
  • Step 2: Upload icons or logo of service.
  • Step 3: Describe your services in general.
  • Step 4: Some service's features. You can easily add or remove the features by click on Add more or Delete.
  • Step 5: Here you can enable or disable "Display Price" of Service section.

Create Porfolio section


This section, where you can show off your portfolios, your products, your projects, will be displayed as in our demo

  • Step 1: Go to Portfolio > Add New
  • Step 2: Enter your Porfolio title in the upper field
  • Step 3: Enter your Porfolio body content in the main post editing box below
  • Step 4: There are 4 available formats in Format pane for you to choose such as Standard, Gallery, Video, Image
  • Step 5: To add Porfolio's category by clicking "Add New Category"
  • Step 6: Set featured image, which presents for each portfolio item
  • Step 7: In the Add Media Box, you can upload images from meida library or your computer by clicking "Add Image" button.
  • Step 8: Clicking "Add Video" button to add video into an article, you need to get the video's link from your browser.
  • Step 9: When you are ready, click Publish button

NOTE: These are the differences of 4 formats POPUP, which are mentioned in step 4

  • Standard: Display image or video with the content created in step 3
  • Gallery: Display image slider only
  • Video: Display image slider only
  • Image: Display single image only

Create Testimonial section


From the left-hand side of the Dashboard, select Testimonial > Add New and start implementing steps below

  • Step 1: Enter name of client
  • Step 2: Upload clients' avatar
  • Step 3: Ente subitle below name
  • Step 4: CLients' feedback

Create Contact Form


To create contact form, please use Contact Form 7. Then go to Theme Setting > Dashoard > Chulan Settings > Section tab.
and choose Chulan Contact. Ending by clicking on Save button.

NOTE: If you want to create a new contact form for your own , you be able to follow this link

Theme Options


To customise and style the site in your own way, all you need to do is just go to Chulan Theme > Theme Settings, which stays on the left in Admin Dashboard. and follow some guidance bellow:

Dashboard settings


This section allows you to customise and style almost your site.

Chulan Setting:

Basic Settings

This section allows you to customise your site's skin and color. We offer you 4 default beautiful style colors but you can customise your own favourite skin color.

Introduction Screen

  • Area 1 : Enter your name and occupation
  • Area 2 : Change blog's title
  • Area 3 : We offer you 4 layout options:
    • Menu - Welcome : Menu is on the left and Welcome is on the right
    • Welcome - Menu : Menu is on the right and Welcome is on the left
    • Welcome : Only Welcome displayed
    • Menu : Only Menu displayed
  • Area 4 : Three layout style options: Static, Slider and Video
  • Area 5 : Video url for layout video
  • Area 6 : Uploading image for layout static
  • Area 7 : Uploading images for layout slider


  • Area 1 : Drag and drop to arrange the section order
  • Area 2 : Enable / Disable several sections and change title or sub title

custom section


Custom the google map display settings

Visit Google Map

Right click to your location you want to display,choose "What's here?" and Longtitude and Latitude will display in Search Box

  • Area 1 : Enable / Disable Map area.
  • Area 2, 3, 4 : - Changing your infomation


This setting is only applied for Funfacts and Testimonials secitons

  • Area 1 : Enable / Disable to customise the parallax region.
  • Area 2 : Customising parallax region with your favourite color
  • Area 3 : Uploading image from media library

Custom Contact

  • Area 1 : Enable / Disable Contact Form.
  • Area 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 : - Changing your infomation

Logo, Slogan and Favicon

You can upload logo and favicon in Dashboard/ Logo & Slogan tab

There are two options, you can chose either image logo or text logo and maybe adding slogan website

  • Area 1 : Enter name of your website
  • Area 2 : Enable / Disable image style logo
  • Area 3 : Upload logo image
  • Area 4 : Enable / Disable display slogan
  • Area 5 : Insert slogan content

To upload favicon, you go to General Basic tab in Dashboard

Layout Setting

In Blog layout tab, you just choose one out of three default layout and then Save

Copyright text

To change the copyright text, you go to Footer tab and edit the text


We offer you 13 default social links, which display in the footer region of the theme. You can enable theme and add link

Add New Section


In this tab you can adding , delete and editing new own section. All sections have created that will to be appeared in SECTION tab. Creating new section by clicking button Add Section

  • Section Name: Required - This is new section's name which should not include space and letter is lower case
  • Section Title: This is title of section
  • Section SubTitle: This is SubTitle of section which is a small introduction
  • Section Content: Adding anything you want to (ex: video, image, paragraph....and so on)
  • Enable Background
    • Color: choose a background color to be applied to the new section
    • Image: upload image here if you wish to use background image to new section. If you would like to use background parallax effect, let check to enable parallax
  • Enable Overlay: If you want to have background overlay which include two option Pattern or Color, let enable it.

How to add new tab Menu for new section ?

  1. Go to Appearance > Menus
  2. Toggle Links Tab
  3. Insert URL and Link Text (Ex: http://yourdomain/chulan/#Newsection)
  4. Click Add To Menu button

Theme Security


Here, we provide you a number of security modules which will help you to avoid danger

  • Private Site : Just allows author of website be able to see website's content
  • Captcha: Allowing dipslay security captcha on Some Pages (Login, Comment, etc).
  • Hide Login Page :
    If you enable this function, all of people do not have permission to access on this link/page Don't worry, you still can access Login page by using private link. The following step:
    • In Secret Key Section: Click Generate Key Button , you will have got any of Key
    • At the moment, in Hide Login Page section will appear a link which include code key was generated above..
    • Finally, to access Login Page, you just need to copy that link and paste to browser's address
      (i.e: )

    To easily imagine , take a look at this

  • Hide Wpadmin: If you enable this function, all of people do not have permission to access on this link/page http://localhost/chulan/wp-admin/
  • Hide PHP: Hidden all PHP wordpress files except files in textarea white list, these files you can add
  • Remove Wp Version: Hide WordPress core version number in URLs, such as CSS and JS to avoid a hacker knows which version of WordPress a website is running

How to use security Captcha

Using this module is the easiest way to add security Captcha in all your form

  1. Go to the Chulan Theme tab > Security > Generate Settings tab then enable module by choosing ON button

  2. Go to the Captcha tab after which is displayed on the tab menu. In the section, choose Setting tab. Here, you can active Captcha module for type of your Forms. For example: enable Contact form

  3. Let's continue, go the Contact Tab of left sidebar wordpress, then, choose your form and edit it

  4. After, copy Captcha Code in the Awe Captcha box and paste this code to box in left

  5. Finally everthing work perfectly , go to the home and will see the result following

Theme Translation

Translation Using POT File


To translate the theme using the POT file do the following

  1. Create a po file for your language, for example de_DE.po
  2. Copy all text from provided theme pot file into your po file
  3. Edit the po file with poedit
  4. Create the mo file
  5. edit wp-config.php file in your installation and set WPLANG so it matches your languages: define('WPLANG', 'de_DE');
  6. The Theme should now display all messages in your language.
Upon theme update, language files are NOT preserved.
You will need to manually restore your po/mo files right after the update.

Translation Using Plugin


To translate any of language, you can download this plugin Codestyling Localization and see the documentation for instruction

  1. Description
  2. Installation
  3. Screenshots

General information


Need help?


If you need help with setting up the template, please post your question here. There are a few notes:

  • Before you ask a question please make sure to scan the menu and read the specific section of your question.
  • If it's a specific Wordpress plugin question, Google (or any other search engine) is your friend and probably a hundred times faster in replying.
  • If it's possible, please provide a link to your (demo) website so our stuff are able to quickly scan for possible issues.

Report a bug


If you found a bug, please send us an e-mail with a (small) description of the issue. Your help is always apreciated.