AweBooking Plugin Documentation

Version 1.0

For version 3.0, please check document here

Thank you very much for purchasing our plugin. It is built with the latest version of Wordpress (4.2.2), and we will update it to next version. If you have any questions that aren’t covered in this article, please post your question here.




To install AweBooking, is not much different to installing any other (free) WordPress plugin, so you might be familiar with this process already. If not, please follow instructions below.

You can install by using WordPress uploader or using FTP

WordPress plugin uploader

  1. Log into your website
  2. From admin menu, hover to plugin then click Add new
  3. Click Upload
  4. Browse to the AweBooking zip file (file that you extract after download from Codecanyon).
  5. Click Install now and wait while plugin is uploaded to your server


You can also install AweBooking via FTP

  1. Browse to the plugin's zip file (it is located in the folder you've downloaded from CodeCanyon) and extract that file, you will get folder named "AweBooking"
  2. Open your FTP program, FTP into your site and navigate to the wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Upload AweBooking folder to this directory
  4. Navigate to your Control Panel: Plugins
  5. Under AweBooking, click Activate

Installing Updates


When plugin has a bug fixes or enhancements, you will be notified to upgrade.

Installing updates is just involves replacing the old plugin files with the new ones. It's always a good idea to backup everything before you upgrade, especially if you have made any changes to AweBooking's files, as the upgrade will overwrite all files. Configure that you saved though WordPress admin will all remain intact.

Backing Up

  1. It is always a good idea to back up your plugin before making any changes
  2. Open your FTP program and FTP into your site and navigate to the wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  3. Download the AweBooking folder and save it as a backup

Auto update

Our plugin support auto update via Wordpress. All you need to do is press update button.

Please notify that you will need enter your license key to make auto update work. You can check how to get license key here

Manual update

  1. Download the new version of the plugin from CodeCanyon
  2. Browse to the plugin's zip file (it is located in the folder you've downloaded from CodeCanyon) and extract that file, you will get folder named AweBooking
  3. Switch to your FTP program, FTP into your site and navigate to the wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  4. Transfer the new AweBooking folder into the wp-content/plugins/ directory on your server, overwrite the existing one.
  5. Ensure that your permissions are set properly on the plugins/AweBooking directory. If your server can't read the files, you might run into errors. This can happen depending on how your FTP account is set up.

Note: If you are running a local server, just copy and override the files.

Plugin Setting

Room type


You can see all of your room type in Awebooking > All Room Types

You can create new room type by clicking Add room Room Type.

Room Type name & description

  • Name of this room type.
  • Description for this room type

Gallery image room type

  • Upload gallery image
  • Upload feature image that is Room thumbnail image


  • Number of rooms: this is required field, you have to enter number depend on your hotel
  • Default base price: The default base price is used for all room of this type
  • Default sleeping capacity: The default number of guests of room type. Sleeping capacity this may be using default for all rooms carry this room type
  • Default child capacity: The default number of children of room type
  • Minimum night: the number minimum of night bookable for this


There are four ways you can setting discount for any Room Type. Click Add or Remove to add and detele any discount.

Please follow this explanation:

For example UNIT = 2, discount will be applied in these cases:

  • - Before day: Booking in advance 2 days or more
  • - Day: Booking 2days or more
  • - Week: Booking 2weeks or more
  • - Month: Booking 2 months or more


More default services of room type. You can add by clicking Add another item.

Extra price

You can raise price base on the number of people each night.

Click Add add new extra price

Short description

You can insert some short description about that room type.

After adding all required information, click Publish then you finish creating new room type.

Room management


There are Room availability management and Room pricing management.

Room availability management

Managing availability of all rooms. You can update rooms' status in Update availability.

  1. Choose room that you need to update
  2. Set date, status.
  3. Click Update availability.

Room pricing management

Managing pricing of all rooms. You can update rooms' pricing in Update Pricing.

  1. Choose room that you need to update
  2. Set date, set price.
  3. Click Update Pricing.



Bookings of customers are managed. You also can create new, edit or delete here.

  • Click New booking
    1. Completed: completed booking. Room will no longer available in booking time.
    2. Pending: waiting customer to complete the payment.
    3. Canceled: cancel that booking



    Awebooking supplies a available checking widget. this widget can be placed at all sidebars for user to check available. it also allows to edit, enable/disable data fields



    Settings > Booking form > Shortcode

    System supplies one available checking form shortcode. You can copy, paste it into contents of pages. Then available checking form will be displayed. With shortcode, it will make you easier to create pages. This shortcode also help to edit, enable, disable data fields in setting.



    More setting about room booking, checkout, rooms page, room availability search, form shortcode, form page check availability,...


    Here's that you will define some setting such as currency, max room, max child, max adult....

    Custom color

    Setting colour to suit with your theme.

    Booking form

    Setting form check availability, you can get shortcode and install language of canlendar here.

    Page setting

    Choose any pages to display your rooms, checkout page, check availability or you can click Install pages to install default pages.


    The plugin support 2 types of checkout presentation styles: plugin Woocommerce or Contact form 7

    • Woocommerce: Checkout and payment with plugin woocommerce. With checkout woocommerce function, you have to install page checkout of woocommerce
    • Contact form 7: Use CF7 to finish the checkout step and recevie your guest information. NOTE: Required [email* apb-email] and [text* apb-name] in form, then copy CF7 shortcode and insert into Awe Checkout Page..

    NOTE: With CF7, you have to using two name of field apb-email, apb-name to get the customer information.



    In this article I show you two ways (using Loco Translate plugin & Poedit software) to build this plugin in your language.

    The two steps:

    • Install your language from the wordpress dashboard admin
    • Install Wordpress plugins translated into your language

    1. Install your language from wordpress dashboard

    Go to the Setting > General > Site language and install new language that is your language

    2. Install Awebooking plugin translated in your language

    Awebooking plugin is translate ready which mean that you can translate it to your language using Poedit & Loco Translate



    How to use Poedit to translate awebooking

    Here are steps

    1. Open Poedit, click File > New from POT/PO file
    2. Select file awebooking.pot from awebooking > languages folder
    3. A box will show up and you have to choose your language to translate
    4. Click OK and Poedit will name automatically your file. If you choose Portuguese:pt_BR
    5. You now can easy translate any string.
      NOTE THAT: You have to avoid to translate all special characters from original text
    6. When you've finished, save your file. Poedit will automatically create both .PO & .MO file

    Loco Translate


    How to use Loco Translate plugin to translate awebooking

    Here are steps

    1. Download and Install Loco Translate plugin from here
    2. After done, go to Loco Transalte in wordpress dashboard admin and create New language
    3. Choose your language to translate, Loco will automatically generate name for .PO file and click Start traslating button
    4. You now can easy translate any string. NOTE THAT: You have to avoid to translate all special characters from original text
    5. When you've finished, save your file. Loco will automatically create both .PO & .MO file

    Multilingual with WPML


    How to use WPML plugin to create multilingual site

    1. Make sure these plugins have been installded and actived
    2. Translate Room type to other language
    3. Go to Awebooking > All Room type, then click "PLUS" icon and translate your room type
    4. Translate default page of awebooking (awe check available, awe checkout, awe list room)
    5. NOTE: after translate those pages, make sure Pages setting as the follow below

    6. If you're using checkout through Woocommerce, you have to translate checkout page
    7. Then go to Woocommerce > Setting > Checkout and choose Checkout page
    8. If you want to translate any words in themes or plugins, you can use the functional of String translation

    Awebooking Multilocation


    This is free addon of awebooking. It would great for you try to use it for building the hotel chain at the multilocation

    Create new Hotel

    Fill in Hotel Name, some descriptions and choose location for it.

    Create new Location

    You can create new location while createing new hotel process.

    Or you can create new separate

    Assign Hotel for each Room Type

    Now, it's so easy to choose hotel by going to Hotel tab in Room Data metabox of eaxh Room Type

    On/Off Hotel, Location field on the front-end

    Go to Setting > Booking Form

    Theme Developer


    AweBooking provide a system of interface files. Thanks to this system, theme developer can change plugin interface as his wish easily without interfering into the system

    To change the plugin's interface, you first go to wp-content/plugins/awebooking

    You're abe to copy folder apb-template to your theme. This will make the folder apb-template in theme to be prioritized (rather than in plugin) so that you can change and edit the interface. Moreover, you can absolutely remove unnecessary files

    (*) DO NOT rename the folder template of Awebooking.

    These are some major files with their function:

    1. apb-check-availability.php

      File interface of checking availability

    2. apb-checkout.php

      File interface of room listings and data fields where users enter their information after they select their room.

    3. apb-list-room-type.php

      File interface of displaying all room types

    4. apb-list-room.php

      File interface of displaying all rooms

    5. single-room.php

      File interface of displaying a room detail

    6. single-room_type.php

      File interface of displaying a room type detail

    Function of subfolders in folder apb-template
    1. checkout

      This subfolder contains files template, which display the interface data fields where users enter their information after selecting the room

    2. room

      This subfolder contains files template, which display room detail and room listings.

    3. room_type

      This subfolder contains files template, which display room type detail and room type listings.

    4. loop

      This subfolder contains file, which display room and room type listings after checking availability

    Need help?


    If you need help with setting up the template, please post your question here. There are a few notes:

    • Before you ask a question please make sure to scan the menu and read the specific section of your question.
    • If it's a specific HTML question, Google (or any other search engine) is your friend and probably a hundred times faster in replying.
    • If it's possible, please provide a link to your (demo) website so our stuff are able to quickly scan for possible issues.

    Report a bug


    If you found a bug, please send to [email protected] with a (small) description of the issue. Your help is always apreciated.