Simple steps to convert a WordPress site to a hotel booking one

By Neo
7 July 2017

Say you are starting to run your own hotel business, you must have thought about building a website which is the fastest and most convenient way for customer to know your hotel. These days, with the tremendous development of Information Technology, building a website is not very difficult at all. WordPress is now obviously one of the most popular content management systems available that helps you create a website easily and effortlessly without too much fear of mistakes.

Once you have created a WordPress website, you will have a wide range of themes and plugins to choose from to improve and enrich your website performance as well as its content. A booking engine should not be ignored! An online booking system obviously significantly helps both hotel owner and customers save time when booking rooms.

In this article, we will share you some simple steps to add a hotel booking system to your WordPress website.

Awebooking – a smart choice for creating online hotel booking system

This is a free plugin which can help you quickly and easily set up an online booking system with a number of powerful features.

After download Awebooking, first thing to do is install and activate it. Just upload the zip file you've downloaded via Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin in the WordPress Dashboard.

After setup, you'll see two new menu items created inside WordPress called Room Types and Awebooking. Now, let's go into details the plugin's settings!

Room Types

In menu Room Types, there are four setting options:

  • Add New Room Type: This option allows you to add as many room types as you want. On this page, you are offered a lot of options to set up a room type like: price, number of rooms, room capacity, minimum night...
  • Amenities: Very simple, you just add stuffs with unlimited number of items for your hotel's rooms. Even they can be nested within each others for multilevel. After being added, these amenities will display in the right sidebar when you create a new room type.
  • Locations: This is a particularly awesome feature that we would love to mention, which is perfect if you own a hotel chain or you want to cooperate with other hotels. This option allows adding more than one, if not say unlimited, different places where your hotels are located. You also see location option in the right sidebar when creating a new room type.
  • Extra Service: Each room type has its own standard, of course. For example, high quality or VIP rooms should be packed with more service packages. This option will help you add unlimited charged - extra service packages with distinct price, which offers customers a wide range of choices for their money worth. Specially, you can choose how to charge the service price (per person, per night, increase by percent, and decrease by percent, etc) - 8 options in total!

Now, let's move to the next menu item – Awebooking


Manage Availability: Firstly, you can easily filter room type with the option on top right (cogwheel icon). Then choose the date => set status and end up with “bulk-update” button.

You can see all rooms are shown and each room has its own calendar right bellow the room name. This is for managing availability for every single room. Awesome! Just check the room you want, click to choose date or select a period (similar to Managing Price) and set status.

Manage Availability

Final step is clicking on “bulk-update” button.

Thanks to the sleek calendar view, which brings a clear and seamless visual, administrator will never go wrong with checking and managing process.

As default, available status is highlighted in light green, unavailable is in pink, booked is in blue and pending is in yellow.

Manage Price: With this option, you can manage room price or change the cost in a specific period. All room types with their price are listed, you just click on the date you want (it will be highlighted in light blue) to change. For a longer period, just click on the first day, move the mouse and click on the last day.

Manage Pricing

Then pop-up will appear. Here you set new price for selected date. This is not difficult at all yet very easy and simple.

Create bookings: To start creating new booking, just go to Booking and click on button “Add new booking”. From there, you will see a setting page where you can add booking with detail information including Booking date/hour, Customer's information (name, phone, company, special note, etc), Room Type with Price. Specially, admin has ability to change the booking status (Pending - Booked - Cancelled). Then the booking calendar will be changed accordingly.

Settings: Here you can find other settings for Awebooking.

In tab General, you can enable/disable Multi-location as well as set Date format and Currency.

In tab Display, you can select page to display check availability form, booking information and checkout information. As default, they are all set already; however, you can definitely replace with your own pages. Besides, you can set the maximum number of guest (adult and children) that is allowed when checking availability.

Tab Email is where you add confirm email and customize its appearance. You also can add more emails so that booking email can be sent to several email addresses.

Adding checking forms into WordPress

Once you finished all your booking system settings, it is time to add the booking forms on your website. You can add to new or existing post or page.

As default, after Awebooking is successfully installed in your website, there will be a widget named Awebooking: Check Avalability Form in Appearance/Widgets. All you need to do is just drag and drop it into the region you want and Save.

Check widget

Or you just simply insert shortcodes [awebooking_check_form] into your post/page

We hope that this article will help you add a hotel room booking system in your WordPress website. Should you have any inquiries, feel free to ask us.

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