Notice Of Change: Renew Support Ticket

By cindy
9 December 2018

We issue this notice to inform you about the renewal support channel which will be gradually put into practice to replace the existing support forum. With the re-constructed forum system, supporting clients in particular and customer service in general will be optimized and improved to the next level to satisfy any of your requirement.

Just simple open a ticket in case you need help from us.

All tickets will be kept private for security. Only the one that open the ticket and our staff can check and see the content. This will help block spam users from your ticket as well as keep your information safe and secure.

It is also easier for us to check and manage customer's reports in order that there will be no requests omitted.

This new system will be officially used after 2 weeks (24 Dec 2018), so don't forget to try to get used to it soon.

We hope you will find contented with our new change. Should you have any suggest and recommendation, do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

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