Meet the most expected add-on - AweBooking WooCommerce

By Neo
2 December 2018

Are you new to our Awebooking? Or have you been using our plugin from the very first version 2.x? If you are our loyal customers who have been with us at the beginning days of Awebooking project, you must have been longing for one of its most amazing and expected.features, checking out with WooCommerce. The feature now finally comes back to help you all maximize your booking system function and bring more convenience for online customers.

With the preceding add-on Awebooking Payment, there may be some missing payment gateways that are not supported. This may prevent your customers from paying online for their bookings and directly affect your sale. It's your time for using Awebooking WooCommerce to extend the number of payment gateways. With over 100 payment gateways supported, you will always find your needed paygates and customers can also pay for their reservations at their most convenience.

You will find no difficulty integrating and using the add-on. It takes only less than a minute to install it as other normal Wordpress plugins. You will never go wrong and have to worry about error in installing process.

AweBooking WooCommerce

After installing, you also need to adjust some settings before starting using the add-on. But don't be panic! These are just some very basic settings that require no complicated coding skills. What you need to do is just getting used to using plugin WooCommerce and its settings. And it's not difficult, huh?

However, there are some notes that you should keep in your mind. Firstly, AweBooking WooCommerce uses currency and price format from WooCommece. Therefore, you also need to change setting of crrency and price format via WooCommerce settings.

Secondly, you please do not enable both of Awebooking WooCommerce and Awebooking Payment at the same time. These two add-ons do not work together.

We hope that this awesome add-on will give you more options to handle your online reservation of accommodations as well as help create a professional and convenient booking system to greatly boost your business!

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