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By Neo
6 October 2017

Booking online is a boon which brings customer comfort and convenience to make a reservation at anytime from anywhere. A good hotel booking system also plays an important role in helping hoteliers to manage multiple tasks with ease and gain more revenue. Sound complicated but in fact it does not much like that! We believe that it's just not complex anymore but truly simple with our Awebooking, a great powerful online hotel booking system. Improve efficiency, cut down endeavor and time, we proudly bring in the awesome premium Awebooking, which offers you great convenience and flexibility with a bunch of advanced features to work with and even extending its function along with some nice themes as freebie.

When purchasing the premium Awebooking, to maximize your benefit, our Membership packages should be a good choice for you to take advantage of. With the aim of offering a value-add to customers, we believe that our program will align much more closely with the needs of all clients..

We currently offer 2 membership packages. You can now join us as little as $89 for yearly package and all the way up to $389 for lifetime package. Each package has different benefits which are detail listed here. However, the biggest benefit is that you are supportting the growth and sustainability of Awethemes projects!

Big Offer: Opening Promotion

This is a great program which maximizes customer's benefits and we also would like to bring you more with the Grand opening promotion. Both of the two packages will be sold with 35% off in the first week of releasing. Then, you can purchase our membership package with a very preferential pricing as follow:

  • Yearly package: $89 => $58
  • Lifetime package: $389 => $250

This program will take effect on 6 October 2017 and ends up on 14 October 2017.
Do not miss this payable opportunity because it only takes place in one week!

Existing Customer's Offer

For customers who purchase our old Awebooking version (2.x and older versions) will get its premium package (which includes premium add-ons) FREE for 6 months. After 6 months, you can consider to join in one out of the two membership packages to get more extras.

If you are interested in becoming our membership, please do not hesitate to sign up here, and we can get you set up.

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