Awebooking - a spectacular comeback of an amazing hotel booking plugin

By Neo
21 June 2017

Awebooking is an excellent hotel booking Wordpress plugin suitable for any hotel, resort, motel or any kind of accommodation website. Being built to work out of the box, Awebooking enables online booking system for your website with excellent user interface and powerful features. The plugin is extremely easy-to-use, helps to setup rooms and reservations quickly and pleasantly. Your customers will be impressed by how fast and clear to check room availability and rent accommodations with detail services and price.

With the decision of re-creating Awebooking as well as the time and effort that we have been invested in it, we assure that you will find yourself satisfied with this brand-new version. Let's check out its amazing features.

Free version

Room type settings

Firstly, there is no limit to create rooms for you hotel. Administrator will be able to add as many rooms and room-types as he wants. For each room type, there are a lot of customization options including base settings and extra settings. Admin can set not only price, number of rooms in each room type but also room capacity and minimum night.

While Room Capacity allows administrator to set maximum number of guests sharing one room (both adults and children), Minimum Night helps to set up the lowest stay period allowed for customer to book that room type.

Service packages

Service packages: Each room type has its own standard and service, of course. For high quality or VIP rooms, there will be more service packages and this can be easily done. This option allows administrator to add unlimited charged - extra service packages with detail price, which offers customers a wide range of choices for their money worth.

Room availability

The most noticeable features that should be mentioned are Room availability and Room price management. While Room availability management allows administrator to set status (available, not available) for every single room, Room price management supports changing room price in a specific period. This is not difficult at all yet very easy and simple. Administrator will never go wrong with checking and managing thanks to the sleek calendar view, which brings a clear and seamless visual.

Once rooms are booked, email notifications to both administrator and site visitors about specific booking actions will be automatically sent to confirm about the newly reservation.

Another great feature is that Awebooking can be used for not only a single hotel, but also a hotel chain. With just some simple steps, administrator can easily add multiple locations to connect all your hotels.

Premium version

We will continue to work on this Awebooking and add some new premium features to make this best hotel booking plugin become better. These premium features will take the hotel booking system to the next level for sure.

Thus, be sure to follow us and stay up-to-date with any information of the upcoming premium version of Awebooking.

Note: All our valued customers, who did purchase our previous Awebooking on Codecanyon will freely get the update of the premium version.

Obviously, there are so much that you can do for your hotel with our Awebooking. So, think no more. Just download and experience this awesome plugin now!

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