Awebooking - a "Must Have" Plugin for Your Hotel Website

By cindy
17 November 2015

Today, we would like to introduce you an awesome hotel booking WordPress plugin: Awebooking. It is a well-coded plugin with an excellent user interface, perfect for any hotel, hostel, motel, BnB or any kind of accommodation website. Awebooking brings you easiest way to setup any reservations quickly, pleasantly and easily, rent accommodations with detail services, receive online reservations.

Your customers will be impressed by how easy-to-use, fast and clear to check availability and send a booking request. However, it is not harder to use than any other premium hotel booking WordPress plugins. Moreover, we believe that it's even much easier! And there's a good reason for that: amount of time and effort that we invested in Awebooking to bring you the best booking Wordpress plugin ever.

Below are some highlighted features of Awebooking that you may be interested in:

Room Management

Firstly, Awebooking of course allows you to create as many rooms and room types as you want. If you have so many rooms and you find struggle to manage their status, well, this plugin will absolutely help you solve the problem quickly. By looking at the dashboard, you will easily see how many rooms and which dates available.


Offer discount is always a good marketing idea to attract customers, especially when they want to book rooms for days or weeks or in the low season. With this option, admin can:

  • Create unlimited number of different discounts
  • Set discounts depending on the number of days/weeks/months (the value for discounts can be fixed or percent).

Special service package

Administrator can add amenities, services and other stuff, with price or not, such as breakfast, laundry, airport pick-up and drop-off service, etc, for a single day or a staying period for each room type

Minimum night setup

This option allows you to set up a minimum number of nights for customers to book that room type. Easier to understand, customers cannot book that room type if their stay is shorter or less than the minimum nights.

All the above settings will be applied for all rooms in the room type. Though it's not all, it is worth mentioning that administrator has the possibility to customize each room within the same room type.

Room status and room price management

Checking and managing all orders are not complicated anymore. With these options, administrators easily handle changing all room status and price according to travel season or holidays

Booking Management

In terms of booking management, administrators have ability to:

  • Create unlimited number of bookings
  • Add, approve, reject, cancel or delete reservations
  • Filter and search through reservations
  • Change the booking status (from Pending to Completed and vice versa). Then the booking calendar will be changed accordingly.

Other premium settings

CompatibleWooCommerce and Contact Form 7

  • WooCommerce integration will give customers the option to prepay with credit card for the convenience and secure transfer. And the most important part, you can use all the payment gateways offered by WooCommerce.
  • If you prefer email check, then the plugin would not disappoint you with the compatible Contact Form 7.

When a booking is made, the plugin system will automatically send an email to:

  • Administrator: to inform the order and its ID.
  • Customer: to confirm arrival and departure date, package detail with room price … Thus, customer can check and inform to the administrator if there is something wrong with their booking.

With just a click, you are able to enable or disable the fields in Check Available Form in widget. And all the field labels are now editable, giving you an easy way to customize the form.

Multiple language support All booking system text is changeable in back end with an easy "to do" translation tool. Not only making administrators easy to set up and configure the plugin's settings but also customers feel more flexible when taking a look and searching in your site.

Import & Export Awebooking allows you to export all settings including room and room type settings, bookings, availability and price. All the data and even images can be exported and saved under a zip file so that when you want to use it, you can import it easily.

Those awesome features and options listed above make Awebooking stand out of other booking Wordpress plugins for Hotel. It is exactly what you are looking for if you want to turn your wordpress website into a booking website.

For a better overview and more features, you can see here

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